Clear regulations and fair competition in the transport sector

The Government is working to ensure that clear regulations and fair competition guide legislation in the transport sector, resulting in improved working conditions throughout the EU. The Government also wants to strengthen the protection of social rights.

Photo: Gorilla/Folio.

The Swedish Government's overall EU priorities

Road transport

The Swedish Transport Agency has been instructed to follow up on implemented reforms and examine seven current issues in commercial transport, including a review of whether the current rules on client liability create sufficient requirements to ensure fair conditions in the transport industry.

"Intensified efforts to ensure fair competition, sustainable transport and decent conditions will result in improved possibilities for the Swedish transport industry to contribute to the Government's work. Our aim is a positive development and to ensure Sweden is able to compete with a high level of expertise and innovative capacity in the EU, as well as on the global market" says Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson.

The European Commission is expected to present new legislation on the social aspects of road transport in late 2016. The Government supports a Commission review of existing regulations on the internal market for road transport. There is a need to clarify the regulatory framework for cabotage and the period of time a vehicle can carry out combined transport operations in another EU Member State, without leaving the country.


The Government's objective is for Sweden to have a competitive shipping industry. A strong shipping industry creates jobs and growth, both at sea and on land. Representatives from the shipping industry have requested clarification of the Swedish cabotage legislation, and other EU Member States have asked Sweden about its application of this legislation. Stockholm University has been instructed to examine how the Swedish legislation can be amended to enable Sweden to place demands on how foreign ships should be constructed, equipped and commissioned.


In 2016, the Government is working to draw up an aviation strategy for a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable Sweden. Ms Johansson has discussed the challenges and opportunities concerning social conditions with the aviation industry, government agencies and other relevant actors.

"The aviation strategy should help clarify the role of aviation as part of the transport system. To ensure continued sustainable growth throughout the country, modes of transport must complement each other," says Ms Johansson.

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