Objective of foreign and security policy

The objective of Sweden’s foreign and security policy is to secure our country’s interests in its relations with other countries.

Sweden’s foreign policy is focused on broad international collaboration and cooperation: with our close neighbours, within the European Union and as a more active member of the United Nations.

Sweden also strives for better European dialogue with other regions and countries. Close transatlantic collaboration between the EU and the United States is particularly important.

Sweden’s security policy remains firmly in place. Threats to peace and to our security are best averted collectively and in cooperation with other countries. Sweden does not participate in any military alliances. However, Sweden will not remain passive if another EU Member State or Nordic country suffers a disaster or an attack.

While the situation in our neighbourhood makes it necessary to strengthen Sweden’s defence capabilities, we are continuing to develop our military cooperation: with Finland, with our other Nordic neighbours,
with the Baltic countries, with our European partners, with the United States and with NATO. Sweden will continue its active engagement and participation in international operations under the aegis of the UN, the EU, NATO and the OSCE.