Objective of gambling policy

The objective of gambling policy is a sound and secure gambling market in which social protection interests are safeguarded by the demand for gambling being satisfied in a controlled fashion. The surplus from gambling should be safeguarded and remain for exclusively public or non-profit uses, that is, non-profit activities, equestrian sports and the State. The goal for central and local government measures as regards gambling addiction is to reduce the harmful effects of excessive gambling.

The accessibility and design of games are factors with a strong correlation to the development of gambling problems among the population, in particular among young people. Consequently, measures to influence access to gambling are important for problem prevention.

There is also a need to develop equitable access to good quality support and treatment to reduce harmful effects of gambling. It is essential that people with gambling problems and their family members should have access to various forms of support and treatment from health and medical care services, social services and value-based organisations.