Photo: Jessica Gow/Government Offices of Sweden

Higher education in Sweden

Sweden aims to be a leading knowledge nation and one of the world’s foremost research and innovation countries. The goal is for education and research at higher education institutions to maintain high international standards.

Responsible ministries
Ministry of Education and Research
  • A strong knowledge society

    Photo: Jessica Gow/Government Offices of Sweden

    The Government is investing in building a strong knowledge society, with top-class research and education conducted throughout the country. Welfare will improve and the business sector will gain access to well-educated staff, providing people greater security and more opportunities in life. Achieving this goal requires a robust chain of education, from preschool to higher education.

Foto: Johnér Bildbyrå

Introduction to higher education

The Swedish model, which provides good opportunities for women and men to study irrespective of income and background, has historically laid the foundation for Sweden’s prosperity and competitiveness, and increased people’s freedom. Higher education must also provide opportunities for lifelong learning irrespective of where people live in the country.

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Sweden’s student finance system

Sweden’s student finance system is one of the world’s most comprehensive student finance systems. It makes it possible for people to carry on studying after completing their schooling or to return to studies later in life. Good opportunities for education help ensure skills supply in Sweden. An effective student finance system is important for securing jobs and strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness in the long term.

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Gender-equal higher education institutions

Higher education institutions must become more gender equal. For this reason, they were instructed in 2016–2020 to mainstream gender into their activities. The Government supports continued gender mainstreaming to strengthen equal career path opportunities and combat gender-based study choices.