Objectives for innovation

The Government wishes to strengthen Sweden’s innovative capacity and innovation climate so as to contribute to sustainable development and establish conditions for the creation of new jobs throughout the country.

Enhanced innovative capacity and innovation climate

To promote innovation and renewal, the Government is working on initiatives to strengthen the innovative capacity of the business sector. This includes stimulating needs-driven research and increased innovative capacity, and providing support for commercialisation where private market mechanisms have a limited effect.

Public sector activities can play an important role in contributing to demand for innovation. Consequently, the Government wants to facilitate innovation procurement. Furthermore, the role of central government in providing an efficient system for managing intangible assets is important for Swedish innovation capacity. The Government is working to strengthen this area.

In order for Sweden to stand strong against international competition, well-developed cooperation is needed between policies at various levels, the business community, the public sector, government agencies, trade unions and other stakeholder organisations, industrial research institutes, and higher education institutions.

To further develop this cooperation, opportunities for collaboration between universities and university colleges, other public sector actors and the business community need to be improved. The Government wishes to support forms of cooperation that promote innovation, exports and the emergence and growth of companies.

National Innovation Council

The Government has established a National Innovation Council in order to give priority – based on a holistic perspective – to measures that develop the Swedish innovation system. The Council is to present proposals for initiatives that enhance the innovation climate in a broad sense, with the aim of strengthening people's opportunities and motivation to become innovators, and to improve the efficiency and coordination between actors in the system.