Media in the central government budget

Media is covered by appropriations that are part of expenditure area 17 – Culture, the media, religious communities and leisure activities – and parts of expenditure area 1 – Governance – of the central government budget.

This area includes the following appropriations:

Expenditure area 17 Culture, media, religious communities and leisure activities

11:1 Exchange of television broadcasts between Sweden and Finland
11:2 Research and documentation on media developments
11:3 Fee to the European Audiovisual Observatory
11:4 The Swedish Media Council
11:5 Support for talking newspapers

Expenditure area 1 Governance

8:1 Press subsidies
8:2 Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority


The central government budget comprises some one hundred ‘appropriations’ that describe how much money can be used for a certain activity. The appropriations are divided into 27 expenditure areas.


On 18 April the Government presented its 2017 Spring Fiscal Policy Bill to the Riksdag, together with an amending budget for 2017.