Public health and sport

Public health is about preventing ill health.This area covers everything from measures to promote public health and specific issues such as protection against communicable diseases, alcohol and tobacco. The area of sport includes both public health issues, such as getting people to be physically active and exercise, and democratic perspectives, such as getting people to engage and assume responsibility in non-profit activities. The area also includes initiatives to bring the experience of sporting events to the public.

Responsible for public health and sport

Responsible minister

Anníka Strandhäll
Annika Strandhäll Minister for Health and Social Affairs

Responsible ministry

News about public health and sport

  • Public health policy to be more equitable

    In mid-April 2018, the Government presented the Bill entitled ‘Good and equitable public health – an advanced public health policy’ to the Riksdag. The overarching objective of public health policy will be reworded, with a clearer focus on equitable health throughout the population, and the goal of reducing avoidable health inequalities within a generation.

  • Minister for Health and Social Affairs about strategies for mental health

    Annika Strandhäll, Swedish minister for Health and Social Affairs talks strategies for better mental health at WHO Mental Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) forum October,10.

  • Sport – an arena for integrating new arrivals

    Sweden's Government believes that it is particularly important to provide good opportunities for new arrivals to participate in Swedish society. The sports movement offers meeting places for everyone and thereby an arena for integration. The Government is therefore giving SEK 64 million annually to support the sports movement's work with new arrivals in Sweden.

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