Government supports Swedish Olympic Committee bid for 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games


The Government has today decided to express support for the Swedish Olympic Committee’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games in Sweden.

The Government’s support of the bid involves an authorisation of certain necessary security functions to enable the Swedish Olympic Committee to host the Olympic Games in Sweden, such as issuing visas for participants and officials, for example, and ensuring external security while the Games are under way. Under Sweden’s Public Order Act, it is the organiser who has primary responsibility for security at an event. Only a minor share of responsibility for security is borne by public authorities.

This means that the Swedish Olympic Committee, as the organiser, is responsible for security in and around the competition areas, while public authorities will carry out their usual task of otherwise maintaining public order and safety, that is outside the competition areas, which is part of the regular activities of public authorities.

No state financial guarantees for the Games

The Swedish Olympic Committee has not requested any state financial guarantees for the Olympic Games. Central government has not assumed any financial responsibility beyond the public functions that follow from carrying out the Games. This differs from previous Swedish bids for the Olympic Games where there was an application for central government grants and guarantees and where, at the Government’s proposal, the Riksdag approved state financial guarantees.