Public health and Sport objectives

Public health
The overall objective of public health policy is to create conditions in society so that the entire population can enjoy good health on equal terms. The objective of alcohol, narcotics, doping and tobacco policy is a society free from narcotics and doping, with a reduction in medical harm caused by alcohol and a reduction in tobacco use. The objective of central and local government measures as regards gambling addiction is to reduce the harmful effects of excessive gambling.

The Government is also working on the basis of its long-term objective to close avoidable health gaps within a generation.

The objectives for central government sport policy are: to give girls and boys, women and men opportunities to take part in exercise and sport so as to promote good public health; support a free and independent sports movement; and give girls and boys, women and men positive experiences of sport as entertainment.

Support to children and young people is to be provided to activities that are conducted based on a child rights perspective. Support may also be provided to activities that strengthen the international competitiveness of athletes.