Åsa Regnér has resigned
Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality


Goals and visions

Social care refers to the support and help provided by society to people who are particularly vulnerable or experiencing difficulties. This area covers individual and family care, support for people with disabilities and care of the elderly.

Individual and family care

The objective is to strengthen the capability and opportunities of people who are in economically and socially vulnerable situations to participate in society, and to strengthen the protection of children at risk.

The social services are to promote the economic and social security of the individual and contribute to creating equal living conditions. This in turn enables people to participate and be actively involved in the life of the community.

Participation, self-determination and legal rights are pillars of well-functioning social services. Measures in the social services are to be characterised by the best available knowledge and good quality, and based on and tailored to the individual's needs and situation. Some essential factors here are continuity and the possibility of choosing how care and support are designed and who one receives them from.

People with disabilities

The objective of policies for people with disabilities is to ensure a society based on diversity, a society designed in a way that enables people of all ages with disabilities to participate fully in the life of the community, and that ensures equal living conditions for girls and boys, and women and men with disabilities.

Barriers to people’s participation in society must be torn down. This is a matter of equality and justice. Women, men, girls and boys with impairments must be able to lead active everyday lives on equal terms as regards participation and accessibility.

Elderly care

The objective for elderly policy is for elderly people to be able to lead active lives and have influence in society and their own everyday lives, for them to be able to grow old in security and retain their independence, for them to be met with respect and to have access to good health and social care.

Elderly care must meet high standards. Elderly people and their families must be able to feel confident that health and social care is of good quality and that enough staff with appropriate training and experience are available.