Objectives for social services including care for older people

Social care refers to the support and help provided by society to people who are particularly vulnerable or experiencing difficulties. This area covers individual and family care, support for people with disabilities and care of the elderly.

Individual and family care

The objective is:

–to strengthen the capability and opportunities of people who are in economically and socially vulnerable situations to participate in society, and 

–to strengthen the protection of children at risk.

People with disabilities

The objective is:

–based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to achieve equitable living conditions and full participation in a diverse society for people with disabilities. This objective will help to increase gender equality and ensure that a child rights perspective is taken into account

Care of the elderly

Elderly people should:

–be able to lead an active life and participate in and exert influence over society and their everyday lives,

– be able to grow old in security and retain their independence,

– be treated with respect, and

– have access to good health and social care.

In the Budget Bill for 2020, the Government proposes a new fifth objective for public health policy:

Elderly people should:

–be offered equitable and gender-equal health and social care.