Sweden can do better: the Government’s policy priorities


Sweden has much to be proud of. We have a skilled labour force and a high proportion of Swedish people support themselves by working. Sweden has many innovative and competitive businesses that contribute to jobs and exports. Health care, education and social services are collectively financed and allocated according to need. The level of trust between people is high and Sweden has come a long way in terms of gender equality.

Picture: Johnér/The Government Offices

But Sweden also has some serious problems. Segregation prevents people from finding work and becoming part of society, and it paves the way for violence and criminality. Sweden’s climate emissions remain unsustainably high. People working in the welfare sector lack the necessary resources to be able to provide the best possible education, health care and social services.

To tackle these social problems, the Government has established three clear policy priorities:

  • Sweden will break down segregation and put a stop to violence and criminality.
  • Sweden will accelerate the climate transition and create jobs throughout the country.
  • Sweden will take back control over the welfare system and ensure that everyone who works has secure social insurance and pensions.

These priorities apply to the work of the entire Government. Based on their areas of responsibility, every minister will align their work with these priorities and help ensure they are realised. In addition to this, the Government’s COVID-19 pandemic response will continue. 

Sweden is a fantastic country that has what it takes to solve these problems. In establishing these priorities, the Government wants to unleash the potential inherent in our country. Sweden can do better.

Breaking down segregation and combating crime

The Government will take forceful action to break down segregation and put a stop to the violence and crime threatening our society. All public authorities must have the tools, staff and powers required to combat criminality. All of society will be mobilised to break down the segregation driving young people into criminality. The Government will leave no stone unturned to identify measures that help people get into work and become part of society.

Creating jobs by accelerating the climate transition

Sweden is at the forefront of the climate transition, thanks to major green investments and clear policy direction. Our country must take its share of responsibility for reducing emissions, but also show the world how a faster climate transition creates jobs and export opportunities. The Government will push to accelerate the speed of the climate transition while also facilitating more private investment that contributes to reduced emissions, increased exports and new job opportunities. This will reduce Sweden’s emissions and create more jobs throughout the country.

Taking back control over the welfare system

The Government has provided major resources to the welfare sector and the number of employees in the sector has increased by 100 000 since 2014. This makes a difference for many people, but clearer democratic governance at all levels is required to ensure that everyone working in the welfare sector has the right resources to do their job. The Government will work to ensure that there are more staff with better working conditions in the welfare sector and that taxpayers’ money is used for its intended purposes. Sweden must have high quality health care, education and social services throughout the country. Everyone who has worked and built up Sweden must have secure social insurance and pensions.