Innovation partnership programme Climate neutral industry


The innovation partnership programme Climate neutral industry starts from Sweden’s role in the world’s greatest challenge being to act as the good example by leading the way in the area of climate and the environment and becoming the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation.

By 2045, Sweden is to have net zero emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Industry accounts for a considerable share of emissions, at the same time as it is a crucial part of the solution. This innovation partnership programme will contribute to the climate transition in industry.

Against this background, the focus of the partnership programme is the 2045 target through the export of sustainable innovations.

The purpose of the programme is to:

  • strengthen Sweden’s exports of climate-positive products and services
  • strengthen and accelerate industry’s transition to a fossil-free society
  • strengthen Sweden’s position in a growing biobased economy where sustainable development builds on resource-efficiency and renewable raw materials
  • strengthen industry’s transition to circular business models

Priority areas in Climate neutral industry

Through input from partnership group members, Fossil Free Sweden’s roadmaps, the Climate Policy Action Plan and the recommendations of the Climate Policy Council, as well as through discussions with the Government Offices and with government agencies, the innovation partnership programme Climate neutral industry has identified seven priority areas to focus on: 

  • Policy, transition and system demonstrators
  • Greater clarity and uniformity; standardisation
  • Industrial symbiosis – circular material flows throughout the value chain
  • Skills supply based on climate transition
  • Role of digitalisation in the climate transition
  • Financing and risk-sharing: shortening investment cycles for new technologies
  • Role of environment permit examination for fulfilment of the 2045 target

Partnership group for Climate neutral industry

An external advisory partnership group appointed by the Government is associated to the innovation partnership programme. The group consist of experts and representatives from large and small companies, universities and higher education institutions,, governmental agencies and civil society, as well as the public sphere. The group has around 20 members and has an advisory role. With their common skills, decision-making power, resources and networks, the partnership group provide assistance in finding innovative solutions that respond to the major challenges identified.

Members of the partnership group for Climate neutral industry

Working groups

The partnership groups also initiate working groups to work hands on, with the issues and challenges identified jointly through their priority areas. These working groups often contain a broader group of individuals, organisations and skills. The participants in the working groups are selected based on the group’s objective and what it is intended to solve or deliver. The working groups anchor their work regularly with the partnership group at partnership group meetings.

The priority areas steer the work and direction of the innovation partnership programme and are the starting point for the programme’s nine thematic groups that develop partnership actions. The following nine working groups have been formed in the innovation partnership programme Climate neutral industry:

  • Procurement
  • Fossil-free transport
  • Definitions and measurability
  • Material flows
  • Design for circularity
  • Permit processes
  • Digitalisation
  • Knowledge/skills
  • Financing


Viveca Bergstrand
Project manager Climate neutral industry
Phone +46 8 405 24 62
email to Viveca Bergstrand

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