Innovation partnership programme Digital transformation of industry


The Government’s overall objective is for Sweden to be best in the world at using the possibilities that digitalisation has to offer. As part of work towards this objective the Government has appointed the innovation partnership programme Digital transformation of industry

The innovation partnership programme will contribute to strengthening the conditions for:

  • Swedish industry to develop world-leading digital technologies and solutions (leading edge)
  • Swedish industry to have the broadest possible implementation of digital technologies and solutions of central importance to competitiveness and innovation (breadth)
  • Digitalisation to contribute to a greater extent to commercial benefit and solutions to challenges facing society (benefit).

Priority areas in Digital transformation of industry

Through interviews and meetings with partnership group members, literature analysis and discussions in the Government Offices and with government agencies, five priority areas have been crystallised out by the partnership group for the innovation partnership programme to work with.

One of the purposes of the innovation partnership programme is to strengthen horizon and future scanning. It is therefore natural that other priority areas may need to be added to or replace these in later phases of the programme.

The five areas overlap and reinforce one another. They can be seen as a chain of conditions that need to be in place to achieve leading edge, breadth and benefit as well as greater speed in the Digital transformation of industry.

The five priority areas are:

  • Ecosystems and small and medium-sized enterprises – where the deal is created
  • Digital infrastructure and technology – the enabler
  • Data – an insufficiently used resource
  • Knowledge and leadership – what is needed for change
  • Policy and regulatory development – what must keep pace

Partnership group for Digital transformation of industry

An external advisory partnership group appointed by the Government is associated to the innovation partnership programme. The group consist of experts and representatives from large and small companies, universities and higher education institutions,, governmental agencies and civil society, as well as the public sphere. The group has around 20 members and has an advisory role. With their common skills, decision-making power, resources and networks, the partnership group provide assistance in finding innovative solutions that respond to the major challenges identified.

Members of the partnership group for Digital transformation of industry

Working groups

The partnership groups also initiate working groups to work hands on, with the issues and challenges identified jointly through their priority areas. These working groups often contain a broader group of individuals, organisations and skills. The participants in the working groups are selected based on the group’s objective and what it is intended to solve or deliver. The working groups anchor their work regularly with the partnership group at partnership group meetings.

Four working groups have been started in the innovation partnership programme Digital transformation of industry:

  • Data as a fuel for innovation
  • Digital skills supply
  • Ecosystems, small and medium-sized enterprises and related policy issues
  • Advanced digitalisation – research, digitalisation and application


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