Innovation partnership programme Health and life sciences


The Government’s objective is for Sweden to be a leading life sciences nation. Life sciences contribute to improving health and quality of life of the population, ensuring economic prosperity, advancing the country as a leading knowledge nation and achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The innovation partnership programme Health and life sciences continues from the previous electoral term under the leadership of the National Coordinator for Life Sciences, Jenni Nordborg. Work in this innovation partnership programme is an important part of the implementation of the National Life Sciences Strategy, which was partly shaped through the innovation partnership programme of the previous electoral term.

Sweden’s national life sciences strategy

Priority areas in the innovation partnership programme Health and life sciences

The Life Sciences Strategy has eight priority areas and 30 objectives, which provide the framework for the work of the innovation partnership programme.

These priorities have been set on the basis of which changes are considered to be particularly important:

  • Structures for collaboration
  • Unlocking the potential of health data for use in research and innovation
  • Responsible, secure and ethical policy development
  • Integration of research and innovation into care delivery
  • Assistive technologies for increased independence, participation and health
  • Research and infrastructure
  • Skills supply, talent attraction and lifelong learning
  • International attractiveness and competitiveness

Partnership group for Health and life sciences

An external advisory partnership group appointed by the Government is associated to the innovation partnership programme. The group consist of representatives from large and small companies, universities and higher education institutions, authorities responsible for health and social care services and civil society. The group has 22 members. With their common skills, decision-making power, resources and networks, the partnership group provides assistance in finding innovative solutions that respond to the major challenges identified.

Members of the partnership group for Health and life sciences

Working groups

The partnership group also initiates working groups to work hands on with the issues and challenges identified jointly through their priority areas. The working groups generally contain a broader group of individuals, organisations and skills. The participants in the working groups are selected based on the group’s objective and what it is intended to solve or deliver. The working groups anchor their work regularly with the partnership group at partnership group meetings.

In health and life science there are four working groups:

  • Precision medicine and advanced therapy medical products
  • Health data
  • Crisis management and resilience
  • Skills supply


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