Together for Impact – Promoting Holocaust remembrance and combating antisemitism and antigypsyism through cooperation and dialogue


Sweden has been entrusted with holding the Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, twenty plus years after the first Stockholm Forum on the Holocaust and one year after the Malmö Forum, Remember – ReAct.

“It is with a sense of historical responsibility that the Swedish Government now shoulders the Presidency of the IHRA. Doing so, we build on the initiative taken by Prime Minister Göran Persson two decades ago and honour our commitment to counter the forces that threaten democracy and human rights. Today, we live in an era when these principles are increasingly being challenged. That is why my predecessor, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, hosted the Malmö Forum, asking the delegations to present pledges for action. And now we continue this work by leading the IHRA,” says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

Sweden assumes the Presidency of the in a time when the IHRA is facing many challenges. The IHRA must be well-equipped to meet these challenges and continue to safeguard cooperation, dialogue and Holocaust remembrance. The Swedish Presidency will have two major priorities; following up on the pledges made at the Malmö Forum and focusing on further strengthening the IHRA as an institution.

“Sweden’s Presidency will have two major priorities. First, we will promote progress by moving forward on the pledges that we and others made at the Malmö Forum, through cooperation and dialogue. And second, we will focus on further strengthening the IHRA as an institution so that it can stand strong and continue its vital work. In times like these we must stand firm – Together for Impact,” says Minister for Culture, Jeanette Gustafsdotter.