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Swedish assessment of multilateral organisations - The United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA 2008

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In April 2007 Sweden adopted its first strategy for multilateral development cooperation. One of the strategy's recommendations is to make regular structured assessments of the multilateral organisations receiving Swedish support. The strategy's key concepts - relevance and effectiveness - are intended to guide the assessment of each organisation.

In spring 2008 assessments of multilateral organisations were conducted jointly by the Government Offices, Sida and Swedish embassies in developing countries. These assessments will be used as one of several inputs for budget decisions, the preparation of organisation strategies and policy dialogues. The main intention is for them to increase knowledge of the individual organisations and form a basis for following the development of each organisation. However, the assessments do not claim to be comprehensive. Nor should comparisons be made between organisations on the basis of this information. The forms for these assessments are being developed and routines for what information is to be gathered, assessed and reported are still being tested.