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Proposal for Sweden's National Implementation Plan for the Baltic Sea Action Plan Reference No.: M2010.10

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The Baltic Sea Action Plan is presently the most complete, internationally agreed rescue plan for the Baltic Sea. The plan is also timely as it has become a substantial pillar of several other international initiatives of relevance for the marine environment that have recently been launched such as the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, and the Baltic Sea Action Summit. Potential synergies between these initiatives are creating an unprecedented momentum for action.

As countries prepare to shift gear from the development phase of the BSAP to the implementation phase by preparing their National Implementation Plans, new opportunities and new challenges will arise. While it is the responsibility of each and every HELCOM party to implement the action plan, the efforts required to restore and protect the marine environment goes beyond the capacity of any individual country. Enhanced and continuous international cooperation is a condition for success.

The need to restore and protect the Baltic Sea environment should be put in the perspective of economic development and well-being. Marine resources and maritime activities are important for the economies of all HELCOM countries. While short-term and mediumterm expenses for remedial measures may be significant, these costs should be seen as long-term investments in prosperity.

For Sweden, the Baltic Sea is of particular importance and we bear a great responsibility due to our long coastline and large marine areas. A wide range of authorities and stakeholders have been involved in preparing and commenting on the Swedish implementation plan, A Government Communication on Measures for a Living Sea mainly concerning the implementation of the BSAP was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on 6th May 2010 and then presented to Parliament. With the measures proposed in the Government Communication and this National Implementation Plan, Sweden fullfills the obligations to prepare a National Implementation Plan and has created the conditions to be able to stand by its commitments under all four components of the BSAP.