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Information material from Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Summary of the priorities and achievements of the Swedish Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council 2017–2019


Sweden took over the two-year chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council at the ministerial meeting in Arkhangelsk on 19 October 2017. Since its inception, the Barents cooperation has aimed to promote peace, stability and the development of the Barents region, through cross-border collaboration and people-to-people contacts. The Swedish chairmanship programme, with the title ‘Regional sustainable development for the future’, was formed with a view to advancing cooperation and deepening collaboration in key areas of common interest.


Activities were guided by the four priority areas set out in the chairmanship programme: environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development, together with stronger and more visible Barents cooperation. Activities were carried out in areas such as climate change, the bioeconomy, tourism, transport and culture, and visibility. Promoting gender equality and enhancing people-to-people contacts with a special focus on young people were cross-sectoral ambitions.

Following is a summary of activities and achievements during the two years of the Chairmanship.

3 October 2019, Umeå, Sweden