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Strategic Challenges - A Further Elaboration of the Swedish Strategy for Sustainable Development Comm. 2005/06:126

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This communication represents a further elaboration of the Swedish strategy for sustainable development presented in 2004. The strategy covers all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. The strategy proceeds from a long-term vision of sustainable development. The communication also deals with the international sustainable development effort, including UN initiatives and the EU's strategy in the area. The communication presents a set of indicators, including 12 headline indicators, for sustainable development. Furthermore, four strategic challenges are emphasised. Opportunities and threats are highlighted, while objectives and measures are described. The challenges are: - Building sustainable communities - Encouraging good health on equal terms - Meeting the demographic challenge - Encouraging sustainable growth. This communication also provides a general overview of the tools and horizontal conditions needed for effective implementation, as well as for the promotion of sustainable development as an objective, method and approach.