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Continued Swedish presence in Afghanistan

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The Government will present a bill to the Riksdag today on continued Swedish participation in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission (RSM), which provides training, advice and assistance in Afghanistan. Together with the 40 or so other troop-contributing countries, Sweden is taking part in the NATO-led mission at the request of the Afghan government. At present, the Resolute Support mission consists of just over 13 000 personnel.

The Government expects that the Swedish military contribution of no more than 50 persons on the ground in Afghanistan will continue until the end of December 2016, with focus remaining on northern Afghanistan. The Afghan security forces have been responsible for maintaining security in the country since summer 2014. The Resolute Support mission is a step in the gradual phasing out of an international military presence in the country. However, the last year has seen an increased level of violence, with the Taliban expanding their attacks against the Afghan government. Consequently, the Afghan government has requested continued support at current levels, which NATO is expected to offer in 2016. The mission is a non-combat mission aimed at providing continued training and advice to the Afghan security forces and relevant institutions in Afghanistan to help continue to build and develop society.

The bill also describes the extensive civilian involvement that Sweden has with Afghanistan, particularly in the area of development cooperation. Sweden has announced long-term support with a total indicative volume range of SEK 8–8.5 billion for the period 2015–2024 within the framework of the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (TMAF) of July 2012. The TMAF affirms the mutual commitments of the international community and the Afghan government regarding development cooperation in Afghanistan.


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