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Sweden’s contribution to the military training mission in northern Iraq

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The Government will present a bill to the Riksdag today on continued Swedish participation in the military training mission in northern Iraq. In the bill, the Government proposes that the Riksdag approve the participation of a Swedish armed force consisting of 35 persons in a military training mission within the framework of the coalition against ISIL in northern Iraq in 2016. The Swedish force is to help train the Iraqi armed forces so as to strengthen their capability to withstand ISIL’s advances.

The planned Swedish military contribution should be seen as part of Sweden’s broad support to Iraq, which also includes development cooperation and extensive humanitarian support to those affected by ISIL. The contribution is an expression of Sweden’s intention to step up and take responsibility to meet the serious threat that ISIL represents today. Sweden also supports the coalition’s civilian stabilisation efforts in areas liberated from ISIL.

The basis in international law is comprised of Iraq’s request to the international community to provide assistance in fighting ISIL and the bilateral agreements that Iraq enters into with the states that contribute to the mission.

The decision also specifies that the Swedish force can, if necessary, be reinforced by up to 85 persons (for evacuation and reinforcement operations).


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