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Government decides to open new embassies


The Government has decided to open embassies in Lima, Manila and Tunis. The new missions abroad will be inaugurated in 2016.

The main focus of the new embassies will be to strengthen trade and investment promotion and the political dialogue.

"We see these embassies as a way to also create jobs in Sweden. It is important to improve opportunities in these markets which are somewhat farther away and somewhat harder to enter. In this, the embassies play a very important role," says Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg.

The Government announced its intention to open an embassy in Tunis in connection with the State Visit by the Tunisian President back in November. The formal decision has now been taken by the Government.

"This signals that we want to take part in consolidating peaceful developments in the country and an inclusive democratic process," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström.


Tunisia is the country where the Arab Spring began in 2010. The country's president recently conducted a State Visit to Sweden. Swedish companies have long experience of the Tunisian market. Exports are worth some SEK 750 million per year, with considerable potential to grow when Tunisia's economy becomes more stable. The aim of establishing an embassy in Tunis is to strengthen promotion, and in particular trade promotion, and to further develop the political dialogue and follow-up of efforts for human rights and democratic development.


With 30 million inhabitants, Peru is the fourth largest country in South America in terms of population. Its economic growth is among the highest in the region. At the same time, substantial investments are needed in infrastructure, education and welfare services. The positive economic and political developments in recent years have led to increased interest in trade and investment in the Peruvian market. Last year, Swedish exports to Peru amounted to just over SEK 1.3 billion. Initially, the promotion activities in Peru will mainly focus on sectors such as infrastructure, health and medical care, mining and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The embassy's tasks will also include political monitoring.


The Philippines has a population of more than 100 million and is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Swedish exports to the Philippines amount to nearly SEK 1 billion. Almost 22 000 Swedes visited the country last year and this number is expected to increase as the national tourism industry grows. The embassy's main task will be to promote trade and investment exchange with the Philippines. It will also conduct political monitoring.

Each of the new missions abroad will be staffed by two staff members posted abroad from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and a number of locally employed staff.


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