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Press release from Ministry of Employment

Minister for Employment to host European high-level meeting on young people’s establishment in the labour market


Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson has invited a number of European Union ministerial colleagues to a high-level meeting in Stockholm on 18-19 February to discuss young people’s situation in the labour market.

"Youth unemployment is a high-priority issue for the Government. As a part of work on the European Employment Strategy, I have initiated a high-level meeting in Stockholm to discuss young people's situation in the labour market," says Minister Johansson.

Even though economic growth is now increasing and new jobs are being created, it is still difficult for some young people to enter, and remain at, the labour market. To reduce youth unemployment, the Government is investing in closer cooperation between central and local government with the help of the Youth Employment Delegation; within the scope of this delegation, 286 municipalities have signed agreements with the Swedish Public Employment Service on how they will tackle youth unemployment at local level.

The purpose of the high-level meeting is to share experiences and best practice from each country and build on earlier lessons concerning young people who have difficulty establishing themselves in the labour market. Ministers from Denmark, Estonia, Germany and Portugal as well as representatives of the EU will take part in the meeting.

Media representatives are invited to contact Press Secretary Natali Sial for more information.


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