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Åsa Regnér is no longer a government minister, Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality


National coordinator proposes giving coordination responsibility for vulnerable EU citizens to county administrative boards


On Monday 1 February, the national coordinator for vulnerable EU citizens presented his final report, Framtid sökes (Wanted: a future), to Åsa Regnér, the minister responsible for the issue, at a press conference. Martin Valfridsson, whose remit now ends, proposes that county administrative boards be instructed to coordinate this work, with the overall responsibility resting with the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

"The coordinator's assignment has provided us with even greater insight into the situation of vulnerable EU citizens. This work will continue in Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria and at EU level," says Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér.

"It's been an intensive year, we have had close and regular contact with municipalities, government agencies and civil society. We now have a clearer picture of the issue and proposals as to how the work can continue," says Martin Valfridsson, the national coordinator.

The national coordinator's conclusions

Mr Valfridsson considers that future handling of this issue should be incorporated into existing social structures. Regional cooperation will continue to be very important. County administrative boards should therefore be tasked with coordinating efforts for vulnerable EU citizens. In its respective region, each county administrative board should build and maintain a general picture of the situation, encourage effective cooperation between relevant stakeholders and be responsible for sharing knowledge and best practice.

Mr Valfridsson also proposes that the Stockholm County Administrative Board should be given a more general task of putting the regional pictures together into a national picture of the situation.

According to the coordinator, the following should be included in the Stockholm County Administrative Board's mandate:

Regularly share information with other county administrative boards for further sharing in each region/county.Establish an advisory function to support municipalities in their efforts for vulnerable EU citizens, especially as regards children.Promote and facilitate collaboration between various actors, including the police, the enforcement authority and the country's municipalities.
Follow the legal situation regarding the right of residence, case processing and assessment of children of vulnerable EU citizens, emergency assistance, and rules and procedures for matters such as evictions, and share this knowledge with other county administrative boards, etc.

The final report, Framtid sökes (Wanted: a future), also calls attention to the legal situation of EU citizens staying temporarily in Sweden.

Cooperation agreement with Bulgaria to be signed on Friday

On Friday 5 February, Ms Regnér will be in Sofia to sign a cooperation agreement between Sweden and Bulgaria. As with the agreement with Romania, the agreement with Bulgaria will focus on exchanges of experts in the areas of social security and care, gender equality and children's rights.



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