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Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström and Minister for International Development Cooperation Isabella Lövin will take part in the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) on 23 and 24 May. Some 150 countries will take part in the Summit, which is being held at the initiative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The Summit is taking place at a time in which there are more, and more extensive, humanitarian crises than the world has seen for some time. If all of the 125 million people around the globe in urgent need of humanitarian assistance were gathered in a single country, that country would be the eleventh largest in the world. At the same time, UN appeals are underfunded and there is inadequate respect for international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles.

At the Summit, Ms Wallström will lead a round-table discussion on the situation of women and girls in humanitarian crises. She will also take part in discussions on humanitarian financing. Ms Lövin will take part in discussions on political leadership and how war and conflict can be prevented. The ministers will also take part in a number of side events on topics including international humanitarian law, sexual and gender-based violence, and the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding.

Sweden has produced around 50 specific actions, encompassing all seven round-table subject areas, which will be presented at the Summit. Sweden's main priorities at the WHS are strengthening international humanitarian law, ensuring the influence of women and girls, promoting new forms of financing, and generating hope and a future for all women, men and children trapped in protracted crises.


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