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Border controls prolonged until November


The Swedish Government has decided to prolong internal border controls from June 8th up to and including November 11th 2016. Following a decision in the Council of the European Union, internal border controls are no longer prolonged on a monthly basis.

"The European Union has confirmed Sweden's view, and our need for border controls, which means we can take a more long-term decision to maintain border controls until November 11th," says Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman.

Sweden has continuously followed up and evaluated border control, thereby providing a basis for each decision to prolong. In future, the Government will inform the European Commission every second month on how border controls are progressing and how Sweden views the situation going forward.

Sweden's objective is to have effective external EU borders and a return to free movement in the Schengen area.

Within the framework of the Council Implementing Decision, border controls will be maintained at certain ports, selected by the Swedish Police Authority, in police regions South and West, and at the Öresund Bridge. With regard to scope, frequency, location and time, border controls are to be limited to what is absolutely essential for securing public order and domestic security. The Swedish Police Authority decides how border controls are to be maintained.

"How the EU's external borders are handled, and the actions of our neighbouring countries and other EU countries have a major impact on Sweden's overall assessment of future border controls," says Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman.

The Swedish border controls recommended by the European Council correspond to the border controls maintained by the Swedish Police Authority under a previous government decision.

This decision was taken under Article 29 of the Schengen Borders Code.

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