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Government presents historic climate and environment budget


The Government wants to further strengthen Sweden’s position as a climate leader. The Budget Bill for 2017 proposes the largest investment budget in the area of climate and the environment in Sweden’s history.

The Government's efforts to build our society are accelerating the transition to a more sustainable society. In the budget for 2017, the Government is proposing SEK 12.9 billion in new investments in climate action, fossil-free travel and renewable energy sources for the period 2017–2020. These investments will primarily be made in four areas: the transition to renewable energy, fossil-free travel, the 'Involving all of Sweden' initiative and international climate investments.

Climate Leap and urban environment agreements

Through the Climate Leap, the Government is investing a total of SEK 3.5 billion in regional and local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is being matched by at least 50 per cent co-financing by businesses, municipalities, county councils and tenant-owner associations, thus enabling SEK 7–9 billion in climate investments in Sweden during the period 2015–2020.

The Government proposes increased investment in urban environment agreements. These agreements were launched to contribute to sustainable urban environments through support for public transport investments. This support will now be expanded to include investments in cycling infrastructure as well. The SEK 500 million per year in 2015–2018 that previously applied will be increased by SEK 250 million in 2017 and SEK 500 million in 2018.

Fossil-free travel

As a step in breaking free from fossil fuels, the Government is continuing to strengthen the railways to improve the possibilities for more journeys and transports to take place by train. The Government is allocating SEK 5.9 billion to augment resources for the operation and maintenance of railways during the period 2019–2020, and intends to present an infrastructure bill to the Riksdag proposing an economic framework for a national plan during the period 2018–2020.

A special investment of SEK 200 million will be implemented in 2017 to increase railway capacity and make the system more robust.

International investments

The Government is also introducing a programme for purchasing and cancelling emission allowances in the EU. The intention is to invest SEK 300 million each year in the programme during the period 2018–2040. The initiative is a concrete measure to reduce the total amount of carbon dioxide that may be emitted within the EU Emissions Trading System. SEK 500 million will be added to the development cooperation framework during the period 2017–2020. The proposed increase will improve opportunities for climate financing in low and middle income countries.

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