Review of surplus target completed

Today, the Government received the parliamentary inquiry report 'A review of the surplus target' (SOU 2016:67), led by Jens Henriksson. The Inquiry proposes, among other things, that the level of the surplus target be amended to 0.33 per cent of GDP, that follow-up of the surplus target is tightened and that the framework be supplemented with a debt anchor.

"I am extremely pleased that broad parliamentary consensus has been achieved on these important issues," says Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson. "The fact that we can agree on long-term rules for fiscal policy demonstrates the strength of the Swedish political system. The fiscal policy framework has served Sweden well and the proposed amendments will further strengthen the framework."

The Government intends to return to the issues in the 2017 Spring Fiscal Policy Bill following the usual preparation of the Committee's proposals.



The Surplus Target Committee (Fi 2015:06), appointed by the Riksdag, was tasked with reviewing the target for general government net lending. An overall political agreement on a new surplus target, a debt anchor and stronger follow-up was presented by the Committee on 30 June 2016. On 30 September, the Committee presented its full proposals in its final report.


Miriam Abu Eid
Press Secretary to Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00