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Anna Johansson is no longer a government minister, Minister for Infrastructure


Government invests in Renewed commitment to Vision Zero


The Government decided on the 1st of September 2016 to relaunch Vision Zero, the initiative to end deaths and serious injuries on the roads. The relaunch is to strengthen the focus of the Government’s transport safety work . At the annual road safety conference held in Tylösand, Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson presented the three assignments decided upon for this area.

The relaunch of Vision Zero aims to secure elements that work well and develop elements that work less well. The major challenge today is increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Safety for motorists has improved substantially but challenges remain in this area, too.

– Several of the UN Global Goals concern road safety, and the rest of the world is interested in Sweden's transport safety efforts. To achieve the Global Goals, we must work together at local, regional, national and global level. As well as making our roads even safer, our relaunch of Vision Zero is also intended to create even better conditions for exports of Swedish road safety products and services. This benefits jobs and development in Sweden, says Ms Johansson.

The assignments:

The Swedish Transport Administration (the Swedish government agency for planning of transport infrastructure) will be leading the road safety collaboration to achieve Vision Zero.

Transport Analysis (the Swedish government agency for transport policy analysis) will receive two assignments. The first is to propose new intermediate road safety targets beyond 2020, and the other is to investigate reduced speed limits in built-up areas. The latter is an element of road safety efforts that primarily aim to improve road safety and security for pedestrians and cyclists. The consequences of reduced speed limits in built-up areas, and alternative solutions, are to be evaluated in relation to the transport policy objectives as a whole.


Relaunch for Vision Zero

The Government's relaunch of Vision Zero will clarify the focus of future transport safety work. The relaunch applies to all modes of transport and is intended to serve as a platform for concrete initiatives in the area of transport safety. The substance of the relaunch was produced in dialogue with representatives of relevant organisations and government agencies, as well as other stakeholders whose activities have an impact on road safety. The continued efforts of all of these stakeholders are essential to the success of this work.

Increased transport safety – in all modes of transport

Sweden is well known around the world for our Vision Zero initiative and our successful transport safety efforts in general. Swedish transport safety solutions also represent a significant export product. The Government wants to tap into and expand this. A relaunch of efforts in the area of transport safety will intensify efforts to increase safety and security on the roads. Increased cooperation in which innovations and smart solutions have a positive impact on transport safety, the environment and congestion will be a factor in the success of future efforts. The Government will also focus on good social conditions in the transport industry and increased safety for vulnerable road users.