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Anders Ygeman is no longer a government minister, Minister for Home Affairs

Press release from Ministry of Justice

Measures for more efficient returns


The Government has presented a number of measures to ensure legally secure and more efficient returns of people whose asylum applications have been rejected.

"We must be able to maintain a long-term, sustainable and humane migration policy that safeguards the right of asylum. It is vital that a person who has been issued a final and non-appealable refusal-of-entry order after their grounds for asylum have been examined returns as soon as possible," says Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson.

"The Swedish Police need better tools to establish the identity of people residing in Sweden. The police also need clearer support to better be able to enforce returns," says Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman

Below are nine new measures presented by the Government:

  1. Expanded possibilities to implement risk-based workplace inspections;
  2. The possibility to take fingerprints when conducting internal controls of aliens;
  3. Expanded opportunities to confiscate passports or identity documents;
  4. The Swedish Migration Agency to notify the Swedish Police Authority when it has contact with a person who has been issued an enforceable order;
  5. The Swedish Police Authority to be able to refer enforcement cases back to the Swedish Migration Agency when voluntary return is possible;
  6. The Swedish Police Authority to be the enforcing authority regarding renewed enforcement;
  7. Greater opportunities to place detainees in facilities other than special detention centres;
  8. Regarding detention of children, refusal-of-entry orders by government agencies to be processed in the same way regardless of the authority that took the decision; and
  9. Legislation regarding the competent authority to be clarified.