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Swedish campaign for relocation of the European Medicines Agency from the UK to Sweden


Today, Thursday, the Swedish Government decided to actively work for the relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Sweden, and to the Stockholm-Uppsala region. The process leading up to the decision by the Government was started after the British people's decision to leave the EU.

- With one of Europe's top national medicines agencies, an excellent climate for research and life science as well as good conditions for an efficient relocation, Sweden is a good future home for the EMA, says Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care.

The Government will now establish a special secretariat tasked with planning and organizing Sweden's candidacy for locating the EMA to Sweden. Their mission will be to actively seek dialogue with other Member States.

- As a consequence of Brexit, operations will move from the UK. The Government will try to attract the EMA, the European Medicines Agency, to be located in Sweden. It would create many jobs and attract more investments, says Ann Linde, Minister for EU Affairs and Trade.

Overall reasons for the Government to believe that Sweden is best suited as host country for the EMA:

  • Swedish Medical Products Agency is one of the main regulatory authorities in the EU and one of the national authorities that the EMA usually hires.
  • Sweden has distinguished education and research within this area as well as a good climate for the life science sector. We have a long tradition in pharmaceutical development, production and a well-established cooperation between industry and academies.
  • Sweden is recognized to be transparent and effective in the way we work with agencies and organizations. The relocation needs to be done while maintaining operations within the Agency.
  • Sweden has experience of locating a European agency. We will use the experience gained from locating the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC.

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