Ann Linde has changed areas of responsibility. From 10 September 2021 she is the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs.


Minister for EU Affairs and Trade


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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to visit Iran


On 11–12 February, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will visit Iran at the invitation of President Hassan Rouhani. Discussions will primarily concern bilateral cooperation, trade issues and developments in the region, with a focusing on Syria.

Iran is an important political and economic actor with a key role in the region. Developments in the Middle East increasingly affect both Europe and Sweden. The Prime Minister has therefore travelled extensively in the region and spoken with the major stakeholders. Good relations are particularly important now that Sweden has taken its seat on the United Nations Security Council. Sweden and Iran have close ties, not least because of the large Iranian diaspora in Sweden.

A business delegation, including representatives of a large number of Swedish companies and government agencies, will also be travelling to Iran. The delegation, led by Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde, is part of the Government’s Team Sweden initiative and export strategy to promote increased Swedish presence in growth markets. Historically, Iran has been one of Sweden’s most important export markets in the Middle East and several Swedish companies have long had a presence in the country.

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