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Press release from Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister to receive German Chancellor Angela Merkel


On Tuesday 31 January, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will receive Germany’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. Talks between the two will primarily address the future of the EU and current issues such as security and migration.

“I look forward to welcoming Chancellor Merkel to Stockholm. We are still facing many major challenges in Europe, and it is important for Sweden to be able to cooperate with Germany for more jobs and higher growth, for security, and to ensure that the EU is better able to deal with the refugee situation,” says Mr Löfven.

Programme for the visit

Early morning

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives in Sweden. She is received by Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg.
Photo opportunity


The King and Queen receive Chancellor Merkel in an audience at the Royal Palace.
Photo pool.


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven receives Chancellor Merkel at Rosenbad.
Photo opportunity at the entrance.

Photo pool.

Mr Löfven and Dr Merkel hold a joint press conference in Bella Venezia.
Languages: Swedish and German.

The press conference will be webcast live on and


Prime Minister Löfven and Chancellor Merkel take part in the seminar ‘German Swedish Tech Forum’, where they will each give a speech.
Photo opportunity and opportunity for the media to attend the speeches.

Advance registration

Media representatives must register and/or apply for a place in the photo pool. Please register/apply via the International Press Centre at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs no later than 16.00 on 27 January. More detailed information about times and venues will be sent to media representatives concerned.

Advance registration/application for place in photo pool

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