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Government proposes historic climate reform for Sweden


The Government today adopted a proposal on a climate policy framework for Sweden. The climate act and new climate goals will give Sweden an ambitious, long-term and stable climate policy.


A proposal for a new climate policy framework was adopted today. It consists of new climate goals, a climate act and a climate policy council, and is based on an agreement reached last year in the Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives. The proposal has now been sent to the Council on Legislation.

"The climate act is historic and represents an epochal shift for Sweden. Just as we must keep our fiscal house in order, we must also put our house in order regarding climate policy. This is the most important reform that our generation of politicians will carry out for Sweden's young people, our children and grandchildren. Sweden will be one of the world's first fossil-free welfare nations," says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

The climate act contains fundamental provisions on the Government's climate policy efforts. In its annual Budget Bill, the Government is to submit a climate review to the Riksdag and draw up a climate action plan for each electoral period.

"There will be no more arbitrariness in climate policy. The large majority of the Riksdag supporting the framework enables a long-term approach and stability, which is exactly what climate policy needs. The transition presents enormous opportunities in the form of jobs, better health and competitiveness," says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin.

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