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SEK 1 billion to Sweden’s food chain


Today, 7 February, Minister for Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht, along with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog, will present the Government’s food strategy action plan for jobs and sustainable growth. This action plan contains around 40 initiatives to achieve the national food strategy objectives. To implement the strategy, the Government will invest more than SEK 1 billion by 2019.

On 30 January, the Government submitted its bill 'A food strategy for Sweden – more jobs and sustainable growth throughout the country' (Govt Bill 2016/17:104) to the Riksdag. Today, 7 February, the Government is presenting the first action plan to achieve the food strategy objectives. This action plan contains around 40 measures that aim, for example, to increase Swedish food production, food exports and profitability in the industry. The measures will contribute to a competitive and innovative food chain, and to the achievement of relevant environmental objectives. In the action plan, the Government highlights a number of particularly important areas, including regulatory reform, exports, and research and innovation.

"Swedish food production will grow and more consumers will choose to put Swedish food on their plates. It will be easier for companies to reach new markets. Investments will be made in research and innovation to make our industry competitive and help us find the food of the future that will reach all the way to consumers. Investments in regulatory reform will make companies feel that it is easy to do the right thing," says Minister for Rural Affairs Sven Erik Bucht.

The Government is investing more than SEK 1 billion to implement the action plan during the electoral period. The action plan also contains goals for organic production and consumption.

Based on the action plan, the Government will decide on several sets of measures, the first of which contains nine actions. These include making it easier for companies to reach new markets outside the EU, developing the Keyhole nutrition label, establishing more uniform food controls and reducing food wastage.

A national food strategy council will be appointed to strengthen cooperation and exchange between public sector and food chain actors.

"It is important to understand that while the Government can do a great deal, we can't do everything. For the strategy's goals to be achieved, the entire food chain needs to be involved and pull in the same direction. We've made a good start. Increased food production will create jobs in Sweden, vibrant rural areas and a more secure future," says Mr Bucht.

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