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Anders Ygeman is no longer a government minister, Minister for Home Affairs

Press release from Ministry of Justice

Assignment to Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency to increase people’s knowledge regarding preparations for crises and situations of heightened alert


The Government has instructed the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency to develop national information materials containing concrete tips for what every private individual can do to prepare themselves for crises and situations of heightened alert, and to increase knowledge of the information influence that may be exerted on people in Sweden. To strengthen the preparedness of the whole of society, planning for civilian defence continues on an ongoing basis at the agencies that have a particular responsibility before and during situations of heightened alert.

The assignment to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency also includes strengthening support to municipalities in their information campaigns. Many municipalities already provide citizens with information on how to prepare for crises. However, this information can be developed and should also include situations of heightened alert.

"Many people today are not aware of their responsibilities and how they can prepare for various crises. Most people have no idea of what 'heightened alert' means either. We want to change this. The information material will contain concrete and clear information on the preparations that can be made by each person," says Anders Ygeman.

In implementing the assignment, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is to collaborate with relevant actors, such as country administrative boards, non-governmental organisations and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is to consult with the Swedish Armed Forces on those parts of the implementation that relate to heightened alert.
The assignment is to be reported by 1 March 2018.


Fredrik Persson
Press Secretary to Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman
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