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Åsa Regnér is no longer a government minister, Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality


Minister for Gender Equality highlights the Swedish Sexual Purchases Act at the UN Commission on the Status of Women


On 13–15 March, Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Regnér will head Sweden’s delegation at the annual session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. This year’s overarching theme is women’s economic empowerment in a changing labour market. Actress Sissela Kyle will also take part in New York through the Swedish delegation.

The CSW brings UN Member States together and is the world's foremost intergovernmental body working globally to strengthen the situation of women and gender equality.

"Many of us are concerned about what is going on in the world at present, which is why it feels more important than ever to take part in the CSW. Right now, as the rights particularly of young girls, women and LGBT people are being called into question, it is an extremely positive force that thousands of women are gathering to discuss this specific issue in New York. Through its presence at the CSW, Sweden can strengthen courageous women activists around the world," says Ms Regnér.

The aim of Swedish engagement is to be a strong and constructive voice for the rights of women and girls. In New York, in connection with the theme of the meeting, Sweden will address issues on gender pay and pension gaps, gender segregation in the labour market and social reforms – such as parental insurance and child and elderly care – as preconditions of women's participation in the labour market.

Combat sex purchases and trafficking

On Tuesday, Sweden, France and CAP International are organising a side event on the purchase of sexual services and trafficking, where Sweden will address its experiences of the Swedish Sexual Purchases Act. Known in part for her role as women's rights activist Dagmar Friman in the drama series 'Miss Friman's War', which portrays the development of gender equality policy in Sweden, actress and gender equality debater Sissela Kyle will also take part in the seminar.
On Tuesday 14 March, Ms Regnér will deliver Sweden's address in an open debate in the UN Security Council. The theme of the debate is modern slavery/human trafficking.

In New York, Ms Regnér will also take part in a panel of Nordic ministers to discuss gender equality in the Nordic labour market. In addition, she will meet representatives of a range of NGOs active in the area of gender equality, with a particular focus on honour-related violence and oppression.

A record 1 082 NGOs, with a total of 8 623 representatives, have registered ahead of this year's CSW session.

To Washington to discuss security issues

After the CSW, Ms Regnér will take part in the opening of this year's public diplomacy programme in Washington DC on the theme 'safe and sound'.

Safe and sound is being organised by the Swedish Embassy and serves as a platform for deepening bilateral relations with the United States in the area of security. Common interests and challenges related to national contingency planning are highlighted within the scope of the theme.

Ms Regnér will be available for interviews both on site and by telephone. Please contact Press Secretary Joanna Abrahamsson

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