Focus on space industry when Helene Hellmark Knutsson visits US

On 21–25 May, Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson will travel to California, USA, to visit world-leading actors in research and industry in the field of space. The aim is to learn about the latest developments in the space sector and collect knowledge for the Government’s work to produce a Swedish space strategy. During her trip, Ms Hellmark Knutsson will also visit NASA’s Ames Research Centre and the Mojave Air and Space Port.

"I think it's important that we have an innovation and research capability in this area. The Swedish State invests some SEK 1.7 billion per year in space activities and work is now being started to produce a Swedish space strategy. The aim is to get a holistic view of the social benefit for Sweden and to explore the potential for Swedish research and innovation capacity," says Ms Hellmark Knutsson.

Space is an important arena for research on climate and environmental issues, as well as more technically oriented research and medical research. Space applications and space-based systems also have a key role in various public services and business sector activities, such a navigation, weather forecasts, communications, financial services, agriculture and forestry, environmental monitoring, materials development and transport.

Work is also under way in Sweden to investigate the possibilities of expanding the capability of the Swedish Esrange Space Centre outside Kiruna so that it is able to launch small satellites into orbit. During her visit to the US, Ms Hellmark Knutsson will therefore visit several leading actors in the field, including Millennium Space Systems, Boeing and Planet, where there will be a guided tour of the area where the CubSat mini-satellite is constructed.

During her trip, Ms Knutsson will visit:

  • Nasa Ames Research Centre
  • Mojave Air and Space Port
  • Millennium Space Systems
  • Boeing Satellite Development Centre
  • Planet
  • The Aerospace Corporation
  • A lunch seminar at the Nordic Innovation House
  • Institute for the Future
  • Stanford University



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