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Government reshuffle, 27 July 2017

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven today announced a government reshuffle. Three ministers have chosen to leave their posts, two new ministers have been appointed, and two ministers have been entrusted with revised areas of responsibility.

Ministers Anna Johansson, Anders Ygeman and Gabriel Wikström are leaving their posts.

Newly appointed ministers

Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth

Minister for Migration, and Deputy Minister for Justice: Heléne Fritzon

Changes by ministry

Ministry of Justice Minister for Justice and Home Affairs: Morgan Johansson

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Minister for Health and Social Affairs: Annika Strandhäll


Adriana Haxhimustafa
Press secretary, The Prime Minister’s Office
Mobile +46 (0) 70-266 31 05
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Maja Zachrisson
Press secretary to Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00
Mobile 070-219 81 64
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Helena Paues
Acting Press Secretary to Minister for Migration, and Deputy Minister for Justice Heléne Fritzon
Phone +46(0)8-405 39 06
Mobile +46(0)72-209 45 20
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