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Press release from Ministry of Defence

Budget 2018: Increased military capabilities and enhanced total defence


In its Budget Bill for 2018, the Government proposes allocating an additional SEK 2.7 billion to Sweden’s total defence, of which SEK 2.3 billion for military defence and SEK 0.4 billion for civil defence.

On 16 August, the Government reached an agreement with the Moderate Party and the Centre Party on additional measures to increase the operational capabilities of military units and ensure overall total defence capability. In addition to the investments of SEK 500 million announced in the 2017 Spring Amending Budget, military capabilities and total defence capability will be enhanced with an additional SEK 2.7 billion per year from 2018.

Top priority will be given to measures to ensure implementation of the 2015 Defence Resolution during the period until the end of 2020. Priority will also be given to measures aimed at further enhancing capabilities during the current period and also ensuring that military capabilities and total defence capability can increase after 2020.

In accordance with the defence agreement, the Government proposes allocating an additional SEK 80 million in 2018 to the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) and the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST) for efforts targeting counter-terrorism, information and cyber security, and security services.

The additional funds will make it possible to:

  • increase unit activities and preparedness;
  • give priority to measures aimed at ensuring military units with lowest battle readiness in order to increase their capabilities;
  • enable army combat forces to take action simultaneously involving two brigades with acceptable capability;
  • increase training activities; and
  • enhance the capability to simultaneously mobilise the entire war organisation in the event of a heightened alert.

In light of the changing security situation in our region, the Government considers it necessary to have a coordinated military command on Gotland. The Government therefore proposes that a Gotland Regiment, stationed in Visby, be established as of 2018.

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