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Press release from Prime Minister's Office

EU heads of state or government invited to a Social Summit in Gothenburg


Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, together with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, has invited heads of state or government from EU Member States, as well as over 30 different organisations and actors, to attend the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017. More than 180 participants have been invited to the summit.

The Social Summit in Gothenburg is an opportunity for key actors to discuss common challenges, political priorities and how the European Union, the Member States and the social partners can use exchange of experience to achieve better results on issues concerning labour markets and welfare systems in the future.

“We must become better at talking about issues that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. In a more social Europe, fair working conditions, efficient labour markets and a strong social dialogue will contribute to increased growth and prosperity. And I am convinced that this Social Summit will help us create a stronger focus on these issues, both at national level in the Member States and at EU level,” says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

The invitation has just gone out to the 27 other EU heads of state or government and to the other participants. European Council President Donald Tusk and European Parliament President Antonio Tajani are also among those invited.

The Swedish social partners have been invited to attend. European social partners have also been invited, as good cooperation between employee organisations and employer organisations is key to improving the labour market and its conditions.

Other civil society actors that have been invited include Social Platform as a representative of many different civil society organisations in the EU, and the European Youth Forum representing a large number of youth organisations in the EU. Representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions have also received invitations. Other invited participants include representatives of the International Labour Organisation, the Council of Europe and Eurofound.

In addition, members of the parties represented in the Swedish Riksdag will be invited to the Summit.

As large parts of the Social Summit will be webcast, citizens around Europe will have the opportunity to follow the discussions on issues concerning citizens in their everyday lives, such as new job opportunities, decent work and access to skills development.

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