Government meets one per cent goal – aid increasing

This autumn, the Government will present Sweden’s largest aid budget ever. In a time when aid is needed more than ever, the money will be used to address the biggest challenges of our time: the humanitarian crisis, sustainable development, peace and human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality and achieving the 2030 Agenda.

World need is great. Some 135 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Climate change is affecting the poorest people in the form of drought, flooding and more natural disasters. The oppression of women and girls is continuing, and the space for human rights and democracy is shrinking in many parts of the world.

This autumn, the Government will present Sweden's largest aid budget ever. This has become possible because the development assistance framework is receiving a further injection of SEK 500 million aimed at increasing the level of aid from 0.99 to 1 per cent of gross national income (GNI). At the same time, the costs that can be offset for asylum reception in 2018 are expected to fall from SEK 8.1 billion to SEK 2.8 billion in the Budget Bill for 2017, which is the lowest share of the development assistance framework in ten years.

"I have seen the immense benefit Swedish aid can have. When Somalia teetered on the edge of a new famine at the start of the year, Sweden acted swiftly and resolutely and was therefore able to help prevent a catastrophe. We ensured that resources could quickly be made available to help UNICEF to save children, and the UN's World Food Programme to hand out food and strengthen the humanitarian operation," says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin.

"But aid is not just a matter of immediate emergency relief. Thanks to increased resources, we can now strengthen efforts for peacebuilding, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, human rights and for the expansion of renewable energy in rural Africa. Our support enables people to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better life," says Ms Lövin.


Carl-Martin Vikingsson
Press Secretary to Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin
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