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Largest ever investment in climate


In the Budget Bill for 2018, the Government presents the largest ever investment in climate and the environment. In 2018, the Government wants to invest an additional SEK 5 billion in environment and climate efforts in Sweden and around the world to reduce emissions and create jobs and economic development in Sweden.

"We are now making major structural investments to adapt Sweden, including those targeted at industry and the transport sector. But we are also making investments so that sustainability is a natural a part of everyday activities. These include investments in solar cells, charging points and electric bikes," says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin.

The initiatives cover a large number of measures that include country-wide investments to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, adapt to renewable energy and safeguard biological diversity in oceans and on land. Special measures are also being presented to ensure flourishing and sustainable urban areas.

"Our generation must be able to pass on to our children a society in which the major environmental problems have been solved and where there are flourishing urban areas with healthy environments to grow up in. A lot remains to be done if we are to succeed with this – investments in sustainable development have been insufficient for far too long," says Ms Lövin.

The Government proposes historically large investments in the area of climate and the environment. For 2018, this means:

  • An increase of 109 per cent in expenditure area 20 (General environmental protection and nature conservation) compared with 2014. This means that we have more than doubled investments.
  • The budget includes a total of SEK 5 billion for investments in the area of climate and the environment in 2018.

The Budget Bill for 2018 is based on an agreement between the Government and the Left Party.


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