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Swedish Transport Administration to move forward on electric roads


The Government has now instructed the Swedish Transport Administration to investigate and report on whether electric roads could eventually become part of the national road network in Sweden. The Transport Administration will also manage the part of the Sweden-Germany innovation partnership dealing with electric roads.

The aim is to support the development of a variety of technical solutions for electric roads. The work in Sweden will take place alongside the Sweden-Germany innovation partnership, and cooperation between the countries is expected to improve the outcome.

"We are now connecting Sweden and Germany with the latest technology. Together we will lead Europe on climate-smart and innovative solutions," says Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

Estimates indicate that electric roads could lead to lower carbon dioxide emissions, greater energy efficiency in the transport system and reduced transport costs. The construction of electric roads could lead to job creation in the short term and increased economic efficiency in the longer term.

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Adriana Haxhimustafa
Acting Press Secretary to Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00

The Government's strategic innovation partnership programmes

The Government’s five strategic innovation partnership programmes are based on the National Innovation Council’s assessment of the areas in which Swedish society is facing a number of challenges. These are challenges that have good prospects of leading to globally competitive solutions. We need new approaches to travel, housing, doing business, living, communicating, and using and preserving the world’s resources and ecosystems.

The most important task of the innovation partnership programmes is exchange between public sector actors, the business sector and academia to find innovative solutions to the social challenges of today, while strengthening Sweden’s global innovativeness and competitiveness.

The five innovation partnership programmes are: The next generation's travel and transport, smart cities, circular and bio-based economy, life sciences and connected industry and new materials.