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Still no decision on glyphosate in the EU


On 9 November, a vote was held in the European standing committee responsible for deciding whether glyphosate should be reauthorised in the EU. The EU Member States voted on a renewed approval for five years, but failed to reach a decision, which means that the process will continue. The European Commission is yet to announce what the next step will be.

Sweden would like to see a broad compromise, and was open during the meeting to various alternatives concerning the number of years of reauthorisation. To further push for a compromise on which many countries could agree, Sweden put forward a proposal that the investigations already conducted on glyphosate should be supplemented by an investigation of glyphosate's impact on ecosystems.

"We can see there is a need for deeper knowledge of how glyphosate affects ecosystems. There is great concern among citizens on this issue," says Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog.

In the Government's view it is important to respect scientific assessments and comply with the rules. The Government also believes it important that an approval gains broad acceptance among Member States and citizens. It is essential that we take the concerns about the environmental risks linked to glyphosate seriously. At the same time, farmers must have time to transition to alternative methods.

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