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Press release from Ministry of Finance

Government proposes new gambling act and new gambling tax act


The Government decided today to refer the proposal, ‘A re-regulated gambling market’, the Council on Legislation. A new gambling act and a new gambling tax act have been proposed. The new regulations will be designed as a licence system. It is proposed that the regulations enter into force on 1 January 2019.

"The central government will regain control of the Swedish gambling market. We are now proposing legislation entailing that operators receiving a licence to conduct activities targeting Swedish consumers must comply with Swedish rules. This will also give us the tools to keep those without a licence out," says Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi.

The new gambling regulations will be designed as a licence system, in which all operators providing gambling services in the Swedish market must have a licence. Operators without a licence will not be allowed to provide gambling services. The act will apply to all gambling for money in Sweden, including online.

The proposal referred to the Council on Legislation also proposes tightening the penalties for unlawful gambling activities and promoting unlawful gambling, and that a new criminal classification, gambling fraud, be introduced to address match fixing.

"Gambling activities must be conducted in a sound and safe way, subject to public supervision. This means gambling services must have a high level of consumer protection and safety, and that gambling services are not used to support criminal activities. Match fixing has no place in Swedish sport and must be stopped," says Mr Shekarabi.

It is proposed that the new regulations enter into force on 1 January 2019. Licence applications can be submitted from July 2018.

"I am pleased that there is broad political consensus on the need for these reforms. We now need to continue our efforts and review the conditions for the equine industry and sports movement, both of which play an extremely important role in Swedish society," says Mr Shekarabi.

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