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Press release from Prime Minister's Office

Sweden has decided to expel a Russian diplomat following the Salisbury attack


Following the nerve agent attack in Salisbury in the UK on 4 March, the EU has strongly condemned the attack and named Russia as the likely perpetrator. To support the UK and as part of the response from EU Member States, Sweden has decided to expel a Russian diplomat.

“The attempted murders in Salisbury are more than just a bilateral matter between the UK and Russia. They represent a further challenge by Russia to the international rules-based order, which is why we must respond,” says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

“We expect Russia to answer the questions the UK has asked, and to collaborate fully with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.”

A number of EU Member States have decided to take similar action. The European Council decided on Friday to recall the EU ambassador to Moscow for consultations.

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