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Acne Studios winner of the 2017 Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize


On 24 May, Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde presented the Government's 2017 Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize. The newly established prize was awarded to the Swedish fashion company Acne Studios.

"With their combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and high-quality products, Acne Studios have created a global, growing business that is profitable and helps to spread the image of a modern and innovative Sweden," says Ms Linde.

The prize aims to highlight successes across the whole spectrum of the cultural and creative industries and strengthen their internationalisation. The sectors included in the prize are architecture, computer games, design, film and television production, photography, art, literature, media and marketing communications, fashion and the performing arts.

Acne Studios received this year's prize with the following citation:

The winner of the Government's 2017 Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize is not just a winner, but rather an example to the entire Swedish fashion industry. They have contributed in an exemplary way to the development of Swedish fashion and international trade, and their successful global ventures have in no small measure helped put Sweden on the map – not least in 2017, with strengthened eCommerce, the opening of new stores, primarily in Asia, and a global turnover reaching SEK 1.5 billion. The combination of creativity, social engagement, entrepreneurship and a strong focus on business processes has created an exciting, innovative company operating in a global arena.

"I am totally convinced that cultural depth and cultural breadth are increasingly important factors in companies' attractiveness, and it feels like the Government has come to the same conclusion," said Mattias Magnusson, CEO of Acne Studios, at the ceremony.

The other nominees were: Nordisk Film Production Sweden for the film 'Sami Blood', Frida Kjellman, Stugan and String Furniture AB.

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