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Sweden to co-host high-level conference in Brussels on continued peace efforts in Somalia


On 16–17 July, Sweden, the Federal Government of Somalia and the EU will jointly host the annual Somalia Partnership Forum. Continued efforts for peace and development in Somalia will be discussed at the Forum.

Developments in Somalia are advancing gradually and there have been many positive outcomes in a variety of sectors. Despite major humanitarian challenges and continuing security threats, there is a clear trend of improved stability and development in Somalia.

At the same time, political reforms, including a strengthened federal structure, help ensure continued positive developments in terms of peace and security in the country. The latest parliamentary elections strengthened the proportion of women in the Somali parliament, with almost a quarter of its members now women.

"Somalia has taken incredibly important steps towards sustainable peace and development, and is setting an example for many other war-torn areas. The international community's commitments for continued positive developments in Somalia are crucial, and the Somalia Partnership Forum is an important element of this," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström.

Ms Wallström will co-host the Forum over two days in Brussels alongside EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. A total of more than 60 delegations will participate in the Forum, which is expected to give continued strong support to the Somali Government's efforts for sustainable peace and development.

As recently as earlier this month, the Swedish Government adopted a new strategy for Somalia, doubling Swedish aid to the country. Sweden's aid to Somalia will total SEK 3 billion for the period 2018–2022, allowing extended support for Somalia's peace- and state-building efforts. The new cooperation strategy for Somalia makes Sweden the fourth-largest global donor to the country.

The Somalia Partnership Forum will bring together representatives of the EU, Somalia's neighbours, international donors, the AU, the UN, the World Bank and other international and regional organisations. The aim of the Forum is to follow up on earlier commitments and contribute to continued close cooperation and support for Somalia's development.


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